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The W.W.P.A. was created in Indiana.  Several guys were attempting to come up with something new to add excitement to their lives and they came up with the idea to build miniatures trucks and tractors using the standard weed wacker engines.  They had found through much experimentation that the weed wacker engine could not handle the stress that was imposed upon them.  They decided to upgrade to a chain saw engines that utilized bearings instead of bushings and figured out that with the correct combination of gears and pulleys they could achieve unbelievable pulling power with these little vehicles. 


Over the years the W.W.P.A. has worked with the Monster Jam, Thunder Nationals, SFX Freestyle Motocross and the OPC National Boat Races.  Many hobby enthusiasts have also enjoyed the awesome power of these vehicles at the iHobby Expo in Chicago.  All the trucks and tractors you observe at these pulls are engineered and custom built from scratch.  Members have used lathes & mills others use hacksaws and files.  Take look at the schedule of events page and join us at one of our pulls.  Feel free to visit with the guys.  Win or lose all the guys are proud of there mechanical achievements and are willing to show you what they've got ......... unless you will use it against them in the competition.  Check out the extraordinary videos below.  Come check out the W.W.P.A.. 




2017 Champions



Truck Champion Tony Williams

Truck Class                                        Points


1st  Tony Williams      JWM                  35

2nd  Steve Madison                               33

3rd  Dan Wagner                                    28

4th   Brian Vanderwall                           23

5th   Tonya Wagner                                21

6th   Tony Williams     TWM                 20

7th   Jake McGregor                            14

8th  Greg Langlois       TWM               14

9th  Jim Jannsen                                   10

10th  Joe Miller                                      9

11th  Jim Guenette                                 6

12th   Matt Vespo                                   4

13th  Rich Vespo Jr.      WT                   3

14th  Rich Vespo Sr.       WT                  3

15th Rich Vespo Jr.       PRP                  2


Ties Broken by Furthest Distance Pulled

JWM =Junior Williams Motorsports

TWM=Tony Williams Motorsports

WT=White Truck

PRP=Purple Chevy





Tractor Champion Josh Howard


Tractor Class                                    Points


1st   Josh Howard                                  36

2nd  Greg Langlois  Allis                       33

3rd  Tony Williams  JD                          31

4th  Greg Langlois  JWM   Agco          30

5th  Dan Wagner                                    19

6th  Jim Jannsen                                    19

7th  Brian Vanderwall                            18

8th   Jake McGregor                             13

9th   Jim Guenette                                  4

10th Jake Howard                                   2

11th Levi Miller                                      2


Ties Broken by Furthest Distance Pulled

JWM =Junior Williams Motorsports





Mod Champion Tony Williams


Modified Tractor Class                   Points


1st  Tony Williams   3-engine               36   

2nd  Murry Brown   1-engine               31 

3rd  Rich Vespo Sr.  2-engine              28 

4th  Dan Wagner      1-engine              23

5th  Greg Langlois    4-engine             22

6th  Bill Vespo          2-engine             10

7th  Chris Cassetty   1-engine              7

7th  Tom Felts           1-engine             7

8th Mickey Buntin    1-engine             6






Pro Stock Champion Dave Warf


Pro Stock Exhibition Class              Points

1st    Dave Warf       BLK JD              31 

2nd   Murray Brown        IH                30

3rd   Jim Guenette   6030                   29

4th   Dave Warf       GRN JD               23

5th    Dan Wagner          UN                 19

6th  Brian Vanderwall   IH                   15

7th  Chris Cassetty  Bad JuJu Allis    10

8th   Tom Felts                                       9

9th   Chris Cassetty   Cu Jo Allis          8

10th  Mickey Buntin                              5    





Super Stock Champion Tony Williams


Super Stock Exhibition Class                   Points

1st  Tony Williams   Allis                             30

2nd  Greg Langlois      OL                           25

3rd  Dan Wagner    Allis WMS                    24

4th  Murray Brown    OL                             24

5th  Josh Howard       MX                           20

6th  Chris Cassetty    SS Allis                     10

7th   Jim Jannsen    Allis   WMS                  8


WMS=Wagner Motorsports


Congratulations to all our WWPA 2017 Champions and competitors.